Alaska - Beyond Your Dreams, Within Your Reach
The Golden Umbrella B&B - 458 Terrace Dr. Fairbanks, AK 99712 - (907) 687-7131

Alaska – Beyond Your Dreams, Within Your Reach…(金伞客栈)
Welcome to Alaska Golden Umbrella Bed and Breakfast!
Hidden in woods, Alaska Golden Umbrella B&B enjoys a picturesque scene and a quiet environment. About 20 minutes to the Fairbanks International Airport, 5 minutes to the Fairbanks Train Station and 5 minutes to either Fairbanks Down Town or Fairbanks Visitors Center, Golden Umbrella B&B is very conveniently situated: in the Birch Hill Recreation Area

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Our Breakfast

Each morning, a free-style breakfast served out at 8:00 am and kept in warmer trays until 10:00am. Golden Umbrella B & B serves a typical America’s Favorite Breakfast includes bread, muffins, sausages, eggs, fruit and beverages. We also offer specialty breakfasts like sautéed fresh vegetables; stir fried meat dishes and some Asian style breakfast. we can accommodate special dietary requirements and allergies.

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AK Golden Umbrella Bed & Breakfast
458 Terrace Dr.
Fairbanks, Alaska, 99712

Presentation1_副本Mrs.June is Your Host
Golden Umbrella B&B is off of Steese Highway and located in the quiet neighborhood of Vue Crest.

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